pure, elegant interior design never goes out of fashion.
they are meant to fit every room, make use of every corner,
inspire everybody.

for factory prices
starting off as a project to meet the demand of German clients,
with German quality standards, the everlasting stylish casamoderno.
has always been popular with our customers all over the world.

casamoderno collection:
console shoe storage table bedroom drawer wardrobe shelf office cabinet tv
fashion pieces for your interiors...
this is all we need to make our everyday life at home
so enjoyable. these unique pieces of art will dress your walls, your tables, your shelves well any interiors!

all handcrafted
combined with contemporary furniture,
a timeless combination

pictures: [1] [2]
pictures: [1] [2]
elegant and classy furniture, lacquered in matt or high gloss. a modern designer's and a minimalist's dream come true.

sophisticated and stylish.

ultra modern

pictures: [1] [2]
a combination of contemporary modern and minimalist styles with an Italian classy touch and German technology.

sophisticated and functional are the keywords that we had in mind when design kitchen storage spaces. our kitchen cabinet is built with a German rail system (known as the best rail in the world)
it allows the drawers to slide very smoothly and allow an automatic slide- in once they are pushed. think on a Mercedes door - that's where we get the inspiration.

pictures: [1] [2]
elegant, modern and efficient.
our wardrobes are designed to match just perfectly inside your room. a second skin for your clothes, perfectly arranging your belongings.

pictures: [1] [2]
build up in less than one hour,
can you imagine that ?
we supply your beach club directly from the source. Bali is the birthplace of the beach clubs. http://www.kudeta.net

with our in-house architects we can plan and design what is in demand.
just get in touch with us and we organize everything from producing to shipping.

for Bloomingdale and Republik (beach clubs in Holland) we produce bales, tables, lounge areas and lamps but also pillows, towels, with their logo.

get an impressions at http://www.republiekbloemendaal.nl or http://www.bloomingdaleaanzee.com.
you have a project in mind, you need advice on your house, your building, your resort, we are here to help you out. our Bali based western team, composed of experienced architect and graphic designers will optimize in every floor plans you give us.
your products framed in our high end quality furniture.
quality is our first rule

efficiency and a sharp timing

all for factory prices.
your design skill meets
our high quality standard.

pictures [1] [2]
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sourcing for international buyers

we assist you in your interior demands.


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your bathroom

your second living room.

casamoderno white.

nature at its best

created from natural solid wood and processed with German precision, you buy a guarantee for a piece of furniture will be used
for many years to come.

pure, simple and high-quality a piece of furniture which will last for ever

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